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"Over Christmas, myself and my 8 year daughter recorded a song that we had been practicing throughout December. We placed it on Facebook with some photographs of the things we had managed to do over 2020. This was received really well by friends and family, bringing some positivity in the fact that 2020 wasn’t all doom and gloom!"


"So during the first lockdown, we started to get deliveries of fresh meat and eggs from a local Farmer as we thought it would be good to support local businesses.

As the weeks went on we got to know him quite well and he was telling us about his farm and that he had really wanted to try his hand at cider making but that he was going to have problems getting any help to pick the apples in his orchards.

Well my husband jumped at the chance to volunteer us and some of his mates to help out.

So one very wet Saturday afternoon in September myself, my husband and four of our friends and family arrived at the farm to start work, and boy was it hard work!

The first hour and a half was spent picking up all the apples across 3 orchards and, being the caring considerate husband he is, I was allocated the steepest part of the orchard to collect my bucket loads.

These were then loaded into the back of a pick-up truck and taken to the barn, where we had to unload them in batches into the mashing machine. My job was to then take the mashed apples out and load them onto the press, which involved using wooden frames, placing cloths inside known as cheeses and layering it up to the top of the press.

The best bit was watching all the lovely apple juice pouring into the barrels, over a period of 4 hours we managed to barrel 900 Gallons of what would become cider. Happy farmer and very happy husband!

I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had, it was hard work but great fun, I think the free cider and very loud music in the barn helped.

Needless to say we will be looking forward to supping on the finished produce in the spring, whilst sat out on the large decking area at the Farm looking down over the river Teign… bliss!"



“On behalf of SWASFT and Minehead station I accepted with gratitude our very own ‘metal head’. This is number 57 that Steven has made for the local community of Minehead. 

Steven hopes to be able to make 100 of these sculptures and to locate them around the town. We are the first of all three emergency services to receive one. 

Steven is profoundly deaf and registered disabled, he spends his time voluntarily cleaning the streets of Minehead and tidying up communal gardens. He collects scrap metal and makes these sculptures at cost to himself. 

Steven has been in contact with myself since last summer planning to build this sculpture.”

Minehead metal head


"I had a baby five months ago and our little monster has kept me busy throughout lockdown. Her smile makes each and every a day a pleasure even with all the madness in the world right now. I'm gutted I've not been able to show her off to my team yet (big up South Hub yellow team) but I can't wait for the day she can meet my work family!" 

Rhiannon 1  Rhiannon 2


"I've taken up sewing! I started with face masks and I've now made book pillows, dresses, pyjamas and loads of other things!"

WOP book pillow


"I play Scattergories with my children, sister, parents and colleague Victor online via WhatsApp every Sunday at 5pm. This has kept us in contact while we are in 6 different places across the UK and France!"


"Lockdown has increased my appreciation of the critters large and small in my garden. I have foxes, hedgehogs, lots of squirrels, toads, woodpeckers, owls and all sorts of birds. Some have become quite used to me and will even come running over to me when I call them. I have both a robin and a squirrel who will sit on the arms of my outside chair and keep me company, this always amazes me. By ensuring that they have a little extra food, fresh water and shelter to keep them going and healthy, I have a constant display of nature and I am very grateful for this. It starts my day with a bit of routine and a big smile!"


"I have been running a podcast since last January 2020 called 'Calming Anxiety'. On top of being a serving paramedic, I have also qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist. The podcast has now been downloaded over 1.5 million times! It's all about helping with anxiety, insomnia and confidence. The feedback from my local colleagues has been incredibly positive and the SWEG are also aware of the show. I'd love to share it with all colleagues it can be found on any podcast app, Spotify or Alexa. I have also written an online course to help with anxiety that is free to colleagues, which can be found here. If any member of staff wants to sign up they will need to put in the code 'Calm SWAST' for free access."

Martin WOP