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Student Paramedic Conference 2021 - Programme

Online Student Conference 2021

Welcome to the SWASFT 'Be a Better Paramedic' Student Conference 2021. This day is all about YOU.

SWASFT take great pride in the quality of our clinical expertise, and today is designed to give you a flavour of this and contribute to your ongoing professional development - we hope you find it useful, fun and educational!


Here's the running order for the day (exact times subject to confirmation) – you can click on the session leaders’ names to read more about them:  




Log on to Zoom, make sure you're ready for 09:30 start!  


Event kick-off

Jennings Mitchell, Student Liaison Officer, SWASFT


Welcome address

Will Warrender, Chief Executive, SWASFT



Keynote address

'It's OK to not be OK' - but do we really mean that?

Pete Reeve, Air Operations Officer, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC)

We often use 'welfare' like a plaster – we put it on after we've been hurt. Instead we need to use wellbeing like our PPE – we put it on before the damage occurs to keep us safe. So what does that look like- and how do you do it when we're already getting 'welfare burnout'?


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Masterclass 1 – Toxidromes

John Ball and Chris Ward

Overdose and poisoning, whether deliberate or not, is a relatively common presentation for pre-hospital care providers. Differing substances can cause a vast variety of signs and symptoms, which can take some detective work to try to identify the ‘suspect’ and subsequent toxidrome it is causing.

Together, we will be ‘attending’ a number of patients suffering the effects of a variety of these substances, and discussing the toxicokinetics / toxicodynamics and management of each.


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Masterclass 2 – Stroke Mimics

Charlotte Ryan 

Join Charlotte on a magical tour of the inner workings of the brain and all its whims and complexity.

Acute neurological emergencies can be fraught with difficulty. Using an interactive approach, I hope to demystify neurological presentations and equip you to differentiate between the benign and the sinister.

Scenario, problem-based learning neatly dovetailed with the neurophysiology and pathology will enable you to forge a clear path through the minefield of uncertainty that poorly brains often present.

12:30 – 13:30

Screen break - lunch plus optional breakout rooms


Masterclass 3 – HAZMAT: Are you ready to respond? 

Steph Moreland and Jamie Tarling

Join our paramedic teams and HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) as they deploy to a multi-casualty chemical incident, with:

  • interactive learning points
  • Initial Operational Response (IOR) refresher
  • immersive HAZMAT scenario​


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Masterclass 4Critical Care

Lauren Dyson

This masterclass aims to give you a flavour of what it is like to be a part of a Critical Care and HEMS team, with details of how the operations work, how you can be involved, and a case study describing a critically unwell patient including a thoracotomy demonstration.


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