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How to call 999

Help on the phone If you need an ambulance it is really important you know how to get help

You only need an ambulance in an emergency.

If you call for an ambulance when it is not an emergency it means that someone who really needs help may have to wait longer and may become more poorly.

good to know
If it is an emergency you need to call 999

When you call 999 you will be asked some questions.

What you need to know:

what is your emergency Which service do you require?
image of an ambulance Say ambulance
ambulance health advisor The people who answer our phones are called Health Advisors
name, address, phone number

They will ask you some questions:

Your name
Your address (if you're not at home look for a street name, landmark, school, shop or pub name)
Your telephone number

good to know   wallet If you do not already know these, it would be good to ask someone to help you learn them or write them down and carry them with you maybe in your wallet or purse

What else is important to be able to tell the health advisor?

ambulance health advisor The health advisor will ask what the emergency is
calling about the patient They may ask "are you with the patient now?" - this means are you with the poorly person you are calling about
unconscious They may ask "is the patient conscious?" - this means is the person who is poorly awake and are you able to talk to them
breathing problems They may ask "is the patient breathing?" - you can check this by looking to see if their chest moves up and down or you can feel air coming from their mouth
image of an ambulance They may ask you other questions. Don't worry, try to answer them as best you can and they will decide if the poorly person needs an ambulance

What happens next?

Help on the phone The health advisor will tell you what to do
999 stay on the line They may tell you to stay on the line - this means stay on the phone and they will keep talking to you
ambulance fast response If they send an ambulance it might be a fast response ambulance - this means it will have the blue lights flashing and have loud sirens going
loud noisy It can be very loud. Don't be scared, the crew are there to help

If they do not send a fast response ambulance they will tell you how long it may take and what to do.

If it takes longer and you are worried, please call back

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Our charitable support covers Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire including Bristol and Swindon.

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